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Author: yvonnereid
Title of fic: How Brian and Justin Spend St Patrick's Day
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Timeline: AU
Rating: Not safe for minors due to sexual words
Summary: How Brian Justin spend St. Patrick’s Day
Banner: Made by me
Disclaimer: Don’t own, so don’t sue...
Beta: [personal profile] mander3_swish
Author's Note: This is a day late, sorry about that. Its dedicated to [personal profile] guavejuice I would also like to say that the very lovely [personal profile] mander3_swish saw some mistakes and in here free time today took it upon herself to fix them,I was very glad she did. Thank you hon
Feedback: I would love to read your thoughts on this, thanks :)

Brian was working on the final touches of his current ad campaign while Justin was doing some rough sketches of Brian’s cock. This all happened on a day they very seldom mention anymore because Brian hated all reminders of his Irish ancestry.

“Just because my asshole father was Irish, does not make me Irish,” he would say. “I may have been born there, but I am 100% American. Oh, and another thing, the Irish are always considered small, i.e. leprechauns, and as you very well know, Sunshine, I am not small… I am very big.” Then there would be a lot of sex to prove just how big, and how much of a man Brain really was, not that Justin ever complained about that part.

When Justin had finished up his last sketch of Brian’s cock, he went to find his partner, looking for him in the place he knew Brian would be at this time of day on a Saturday.

“Brian, I thought I might find you here, are you busy?”

Brian turned around in his swivel chair until he faced his lover. Smirking, he asked, “Are you finished drawing my cock from your imagination, or do you need another peek at the goods?”

Justin looked as Brian slid his hand inside his jogging shorts and teasingly stroked himself, all the while keeping his eyes fixed on Justin’s.

“Or did you want to suck me off?” He asked while at the same time taking his erect member out and stroked it some more.

Never one to turn down an offer like that from his husband (Justin did not need to be asked twice) he got down onto his knees. He didn’t stand again until every drop of Brian’s cum had splashed against the back of his throat.

An hour later, while both men were in the sitting room watching the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on TV, Brian spotted Emmett on the screen. “I can’t believe he wore green striped hot pants, got his legs waxed, and is wearing a skin tight orange belly top. He isn’t even Irish for fucks sake.” Brian growled, “It’s pathetic, all these people attending these parades pretending they are Irish, it’s fucking pathetic”.

Justin laughed at this, thinking to himself, “Brian should talk about anyone being pathetic and pretending.” Then he heard himself say “What about you? You are Irish Brian, you should be there celebrating, holding your head up high and not here trying to deny it like you always do. Come on! Let’s go and celebrate the Irish-ness in you!”

This made Brian smile. He got up from the sofa, stood in front of Justin, and held his hand out.

“You’re right, Sunshine, I should just embrace the Irish man in me, stop denying it, and celebrate it. Do you want join me?”

Justin took his husband’s hand and smiled. Being pulled up, he was very quickly pushed back down again with a very heavy Brian on top of him.

“You want me to stop hiding the Irish man in me Justin?” He asked as he trailed feather-light kisses around his husbands face and neck. “Well, let me introduce him to you then.” And with that said, Brian proceeded to fuck Justin deep into the night. Justin had no more complaints as he too embraced the Irish man inside of him.




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