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Author: Yvonne Reid
Title: All I could think of was you
Fandom: QAF
Pairind: Brian and Justin
Disclaimer: Don't own,using them for fun,no profit made
Warnings: None
Beta: Unbetaed
Summary: What goes through Brians mind as he searches for Justin after the Babylon bombing in season five
Feedback: yes please

There was smoke everywhere and everyone was frantic with fear,it was like something you would only dream about,like a nightmare,or having an out of body experience or something like that,it just didn't feel real to me.

I knew you were there tonight with the gang,and I too became frantic as I began to search through the masses of people,searching for you.
All I could think was 'Please God,don't let anything happen to him'.

Through the lights and smoke I saw you,and I began walking as fast as I could,faster than I ever have,to get to you,you were all that mattered to me and I wanted to touch you more than I ever have done before.

I pulled you into my arms and I never wanted to let you go,and I swore to myself that you would always come first in my life and I would give my all,to make you happy.

"I love you" came out of my mouth just as easily as the words "Fuck you" would come out when I would be pissed at someone,and they felt so natural to say,of course I knew from day one I loved you,I could just never say it.

When I heard on the radio on my way to the airport about the bombing,the first thing that came into my head was "Justin,oh God no" but holding you in my arms now,I feel that im holding everything I could possibly need in my life,to complete it.....you.
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