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Author: [personal profile] yvonne_reid
Story Name: Real love can change you
Summary: Brian is holding Justin after sex and Justin has fell asleep.Brian thinks back on his life
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I don't anything to do with the show,Cowlip and Showtime do,I don't know the actors in the show

Brian pov

I never knew that anyone could make me feel the way that you do.

All I life I believed love wasn’t real, how could it be real when what I saw was my father beating the crap out of me and my sister and my mother standing there and doing nothing while she watched.

When Christmas would come, whatever little we got would be broken or torn apart by midnight, by my drunken father, except this one teddy that I managed to hold onto.

He saw me through many nights of heartache and pain, I still have him somewhere.

Because of all that, I closed myself off to everything, not letting anyone near my heart at all, some people think I don’t even have one, I even began to believe I didn’t have one.

Then you came along, the same night my son was born, and I fell in love with you both, I never wanted to let either of you go.

Finally I knew what real love was and what it mean’t,and im never letting either of you go.

Brian held onto Justin tighter and fell asleep knowing he couldn't be happier at how his life had went from the frightful days of his teenage years.
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