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Author: Yvonne Reid
Banner by [personal profile] masterglory
Pairing: Brian and Justin
Beta chic:[profile] a_life_defiant
Timeline: Season one ending
Warnings: Of course not ^^
Summary: What if fate took a different path on Prom night
Disclaimer: Don't own them, cowlip and showtime do
A/N: This is a repost of a short fic I wrote way back a while ago. Im still working on chapter three of "Blond Angel" but thought in the mean time if you haven't read this, you might like to.

I Will Never Forget Tonight

Brian watched Justin walk away through the wing mirror of his jeep.

He felt a strong feeling sweep over his entire body that made him want to fuck the shit out of Justin right there in the back seat behind him, but he knew the feeling was more than that, he knew the feeling was infact...love.

Brian kept his feelings of love hidden from Justin their friends, he even tried to convince himself they weren't there, but they were clearly obvious to everyone, including Justin.

Brian loved Justin and couldn't wait to be with him later

Tonight was a magical night for both Brian and Justin

It was the very first night that Brian saw Justin wearing a tux for his high school prom, and it made him look more mature than his 18 years and more beautiful than Brian thought was possible.

Brian had told Justin the night before at Babylon that he wouldn't go to his prom with him, but secretly he had planned to show up and surprise him and they would have one of the hottest dances that they could ever have just to piss off the homophobic teachers and students of the school.

Having returned to the loft Brian took off his suit and hung it in his wardrobe and got into the shower.

He slowly soaped his chest and stomach, the hot water bounced off his bronze skin as he moved his soapy hands further south massaging his balls and gently stroking his cock wishing Justin’s mouth was there.

He let his head fall back and closed his eyes

"Need some help there"? Asked a voice, pulling him from his trance

A naked Justin was standing beside the shower, he could see that Brian’s eyes were dark and filled with desire, and his soapy body screamed out to him, yearning to be touched, licked, sucked and fucked like tomorrow would never come for either of them.

Brian could feel the same thing radiating from Justin’s body for him also

Brian’s lips were very full and wet, he smiled a sexy smile at Justin and held out his hand inviting Justin to join him, taking hold of it the blond walked into the shower and winced as the hot water bounced of his skin also.

Brian chuckled and said, "I didn't think you'd come so soon, but I can think of a better way we can both come together, you interested sunshine?"And pulled him tightly into his wet body leaving no space between them.

Brian ran his soapy hands down Justin’s back and cupped his globes with both hands, squeezing gently, earning him a husky moan from the blond as he pulled him into him with more force.

Justin slipped his hand between them and stroked Brian’s fully erect member with his hand making the brunet shiver with pleasure.

"Aaaahhhhh" Brian moaned, "I have been waiting all night for this"

"Really"? Replied Justin as he licked his way down Brian’s body before claiming his prize.

Justin licked his way up and down Brian’s shaft before engulfing it all in one one swift movement, taking him all the way to the back of his throat, sucking on him as his head slowly bobbed up and down.

Brian gripped Justin’s head pushing him in as Justin pulled back from him.

It wasn't long before Brian was shooting his load down the blonds throat.

Brian quickly pulled the blond to his feet, kissing him violently, tasting himself of the blondes tongue as he sucked it into his mouth.

"Why don't we move this to the bed"? Asked Brian "I can get at you better from there"

Justin wasted no time joining Brian in the race to dry off and get to the bed.

As Brian touched his lips with his finger tips Justin trembled,"Ive been waiting for this all day long" he said as he ran his finger tips from Justin’s lips down his throat, chest and stomach before grasping the blonds now fully erect member.

Brian gave Justin a look that remembered, his I want to do everything imaginable and unimaginable to you right now, as he took the blond fully into his mouth.

Justin grabbed Brian hair as he moaned loudly with the pleasure that was coursing through his viens; Brian looked up and asked, "Are you excited sunshine"? And Justin replied, "You know I am" Brian sucked harder on his cock until he could take no more and exploded into Brian’s wanting mouth.

Brian swallowed the thick liquid and licked his lips teasingly as Justin pulled his lips to meet his own in a searing kiss, tasteing himself from the Adonis.

Sucking his two fingers until they were wet, Brian prepared Justin’s wanting hole, making the blond arch his back whilst moaning with pleasure
“Ahhh, fuck me Brian” the blond pleaded

Brian smiled and pushed two fingers further inside Justin’s hole and went on to suck his balls at the same time.

“ No, I mean with your dick, fuck me with your dick Brian, now, I need you inside me now” he said panting heavily.

Brian reached for a condom and teased Justin as he sheathed himself “How much do you want me inside you” to which Justin replied, “I want you to give me a night I will never forget”

Brian gently pushed himself inside Justin and waited for him to adjust before he moved faster.

They were both moaning and panting so loudly the entire building and neighbourhood could have heard them and they wouldn’t have known

Brian fucked Justin until 4 am in the morning, in every position the blond could handle.

Afterwards they both lay beside each other soaked in sweat and cum, Justin spooned himself in front of Brian and said “you have made this a night I will never forget Brian” and they both fell into a deep sleep.

The End
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