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Author: [personal profile] yvonnereid
Title of fic: Its Only Time
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Timeline: Post 513
Rating: Suitable for all
Summary: Justin Visits Brian grave…
Disclaimer: Don’t own, so don’t sue...
Beta: None, all mistakes are mine
Author's Note: After my cousin died a few years ago I actually had this dream, he visited me and we spoke for a while, I will be convince until the end of time this is what happened. He told me in the dream he forgave me for a misunderstanding we had and that helped me move on. So I decided to work with that dream and came up with this, I hope you like it.
Feedback: I would be happy to have that.

I was looking out the kitchen window, which was located at the back of the Manor when I saw a car pull up into the back square.

My mom and Tucker got out of the front and I saw they had bags in their hands so I decided to go out and help them bring the bags to the house, but when I got to the car...you got out from the back seat and I froze, I literally couldn't fucking move.

"How can you be here"? I asked "your dead, you died a few months ago, you hung yourself, this is not possible" You walked right up to me and stroked my face and you told me "I didn't die, you must have dreamt that, im still here with you, im always here with you"

I felt a chill, unlike any chill I ever felt before, and I noticed your skin was no longer what it looked like before, I can't even explain it to anyone how it looked in that moment but it was different, very different, very clear and almost...ethereal I want to say, if that’s the right word.

You took my face in your hands and before I looked deep into your eyes I observed my mom and Tucker, they were standing right beside the car watching us.

You pulled me close and kissed me hard on the lips and when you broke away from it, you whispered into my ear "I love Justin, never forget that, that’s when I felt a gush of wind and I turned around to see where it came from, but when I looked back you were gone, so was my mom and Tucker, even the fucking car was gone, I was completely alone in that back square. I guess I just need to know...was that really you there Brian, did you really visit me in my dream to tell me you still loved me, or did my subconscious make that happen"?

Justin took a deep breath and for a split second he would swear until his dieing day he heard Brian whisper into his hear... "I was there, and I do still love you" accompanied by his warm breath.



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