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Author: [personal profile] yvonnereid (Vonnie)
Title of fic: Eternal Flame
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Timeline: Post 513
Rating: Unsuitable for minors
Summary: Justin has a very special someone come to vist him every night
Disclaimer: Don’t own, so don’t sue...
Beta: None, all mistakes are mine
Author's Note: A lot of people have different beliefs about what happens to us when we die, if what I have written here offends anyone, im truly sorry, but please remember, this is just a story.
Feedback: I would be happy to have that.

The storm roared across the acres land at BriTin on a winter’s night, and all Justin could to keep himself warm was wrap himself in Brian’s old grey sweater he would wear when they first moved there four years ago.

That was the same sweater Brian was wearing when he lost his life to a drug overdose on the night of the house warming one month after they settled, but what Justin’s friends and Brian’s family didn’t know, was that every single night since “That night” Brian came home to be with Justin until he would fall asleep at bedtime and Justin would take this secret with him to his grave as was requested by the man himself.

“Can you hear that Brian? its really scary out there, I hate stormy nights like this” Justin was very fidgety

Brian sat next to him on the sofa and because the storm had cut the power the only thing to light the room was the candles and open fire. “Don’t be scared sunshine, I am here and I won’t let anything happen to you”

The blond stood up and walked over to the fire place and stood in front of it and looked around at his former lover “Your dead Brian, you’re a fucking ghost, how can you protect me any longer, how can you touch me or make love to me like you used to, how can you do anything except be there on that fucking sofa and in this one room talking to no one but me” Justin began to weep “I want you inside me so badly Brian, I think about it all the time, don’t get me wrong, more than anything im so thankful you can still be here with me but sometimes I wish…I just wish I had more, and it drives me crazy that I can’t have that.

Taking a deep breath, Brian got up from the sofa and walked to where Justin stood, facing him…”Do you think any of this easy on me Justin, do you think I enjoy not being able to touch you, fu…make love to you, hold your hand or do anything else I once did before I died?” Justin looked up into Brian’s eye’s “I would sell my soul to the devil himself to just touch you one more time, or be inside you one more time so don’t think you are the only one who has it bad because I am the one worse off than you are”

Tears over took Brian, and Justin wanted so badly to be able to comfort him, touch him do anything to take his pain go away. He walked around and faced his “Everything in this world” “Brian, its okay, look I shouldn’t be like this, I know that when someone dies that’s it, they are gone from this world never to return” Brian held up his hands to get the man to stop talking “Justin, that’s bullshit, when someone passes away they never leave this earth, I have spoken to people who have been around for over a century and they say they have spoken to people from way before that, no one is gone from the world forever, just a short time, we are all here as a spirit until our fate by the big man upstairs is decided on judgement day”

“I am so happy you came back Brian, and I do give you my word again that no one will know about your being here, I want to have all to myself” Justin began to smile, feeling better about what he had and accepting it as a gift.

Brian smiled “Justin, I want you to do something for me, will you?”

“Of course” replied the artist

“I want you to masturbate for me, I would like to watch you, go and lay across the sofa”

Justin removed his trousers and briefs and was about to take the sweater off when Brian said “No, leave that on, please”

Making himself comfortable on the sofa, Justin thought to himself and then spoke “What about you, can a ghost come”? Brian laughed and replied “No, I am afraid that’s one of the worst…possibly the worst of all actually for me, but no, we can’t come, but I still wanna watch you, so stop talking and get to it”

Brian now stood at the bottom of the sofa and kept his eyes locked with Justin’s as Justin began slowly stroking his cock to full mast “Suck your middle finger, get it good and wet sunshine” Justin did as he was instructed “Now, Imagine that’s my mouth around your cock, good, that’s it, now circle your hole with your finger and slide it in, and keep stroking” Justin could feel himself getting warm “Briiiian” he moaned “That’s it, slide two in now and fuck yourself on them” Justin fingered his hole as Brian watched and before long she shot his load all over the grey sweater.

After one of greatest things Brian had “Always” loved watching he said to the blond “There, didn’t that make you feel better hon”? Justin burst out laughing as he reached for the tissues to wipe his load from the sweater.
“Yea actually, I do”

“You should sleep now, its almost midnight and I have to go”

Justin felt a little sad but said “Will you be back tomorrow Brian”?

“Of course” Justin took the rug from the back of the sofa and wrapped it around his waist and lay back down again

He closed his eyes and whispered “Goodnight Brian, I love you”

Brian Stayed with Justin until he fell asleep like he had done for the past four years, and returned on time the next evening as always.



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