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Author: [personal profile] yvonne_reid
Title: Lunch Break
Summary: One of Brian's lunch breaks at the diner
Pairing(s): Brian and Justin,the boys and Debbie
Warnings: None that I can think of
Rating: NC17 (Just to be safe)
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Beta: [personal profile] britinmanor
A/N: A very special "Thank You" to Cat for taking the time to beta this story for me,at such short notice (I guess by now she has a sense of my inpatience lol)*loves her*
Feedback: It only takes a moment,so yes please,thanks x

Justin’s POV

I hate how every time Brian comes here, I want to go over and rip
those fucking clothes off of him; then fuck him right there on top of
the table he sits at everyday when he meets 'the boys' here.

It’s frustrating as shit, and he knows it fucking kills me every
time. I see that look in his eyes, and he knows how I feel; which
is why when I go back to the loft after my shift is over, he tortures
me by making me wait. He makes me sit and drink a beer. 'Get a fucking
clue, Brian. I don’t want the fucking beer; I want you to “FUCK ME”
right away.'

He’s watching me now, and knows exactly what I'm thinking. He always
knows what I'm thinking. 'Right Justin, look busy, I know the diner is clean,
and only the gang and five other’s are here, but fucking do something
instead of standing, staring at him,' I tell myself.

I walk over and take their order’s and when it's time to take Brian’s, he
looks at me with that fucking hot look. The same one he gives me right
before he pushes inside me. He pulls me down to him so he can whisper
into my ear. “How about a quick blow job to relieve some of that tension? I know what you're thinking and can see that you want me to fuck you,
but you know... I can’t.”

He gives me his most devilish grin. 'See, the fucker knows me too well!' I
think to myself. He doesn’t have to ask me twice, though. I practically run to
the men’s room. We aren’t busy, so Kiki can keep an eye on things.

He pushes me against the back wall, kissing me hard on the lips, until
they are swollen. They will probably be bruised tomorrow – they some
times bruise when he kisses me like that.

I know Brian wants this right now, as much as I do. The urgency is so
apparent, especially when he roughly shoves his hand inside my pants
and grips my already erect cock, hard.

We can’t get out of clothes (almost) quick enough, and then my dick is
touching the back of his throat. My orgasmic scream is bouncing off
the walls in no time, and at long last, my hot cum is unleashed for
the first time today… well, since I left the loft seven hours ago.
“You liked that, didn’t you? Your so hot, my little slut,” he tells me
after he turns me around to the sink and lifts my leg up onto it,
before finding my ass with his tongue.

“Yum, you taste sooo good. I'm going to fuck you so hard you won’t be
able to stand for a week,” he tells me, as he pushes probably the full
length of his tongue inside me.

After he prepares me, he sheaths himself, and pushes inside me.
Gripping my leg hard, he fucks me roughly, without abandon. I stroke my
cock, wanting so badly to come again, but this time it will be better
than a few minutes ago, because this time he is inside me. While he is
fucking me really hard, he grunts his order “Tuuuurrrkeyyy (grunting)
on… whole wheeeeat, nooo (grunting) Maaaayo, to goooo… aaaahhhhh.”

Then he fills the condom, and I too am cuming all over my hand and a little
on the counter top, and Brian is a mass of sweat on top of my back. We
never fucked in here before; it was really hot!

After we fix our clothes and wash our hands, Brian looks at me with an
affectionate stare, one that he only saves for me. “That was fucking hot
Sunshine; we never did that here before,” he tells me, as he wraps his
arms around my waist and gently kisses my lips.

He looks deeply into my eyes. “We better get back before Deb gets back
and kicks my ass for keeping you from doing your job.”

When we return to the dining room, the guys look everywhere, but in our
eyes. Then we hear the voice of Satan. “Justin! Where the fuck have you
been, you little shit head? Get those tables cleared, and table four needs
orders taken."

Then Debbie glared at Brian. "He’s not paid to have fuck breaks when your
needs strike." Then as she walked away she muttered, “Fucking asshole.”

That’s when the boys started laughing. Brian didn’t look amused but simply
said… ”It's my fucking, 'Lunch Break'."




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