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Title: Happy Valentines Day Brian
Author: [personal profile] yvonnereid
Genre: AU
Pairing: Brian and Justin
Rating: Not suitable for minors at all
Disclaimer: Bla bla bla, I don't own the show (Cowlip and Showtime do) I don't know the actors (but Gale constantly visits my dreams)
A/N: I thought that seeing as im reading a lot of beautiful romantic Brian and Justin fics today,I would throw something in myself...feel free to throw it out hahaha :) Happy Valentines Day everyone x
Feedback: I would like that :)

Brian had just switched all the lights off and was making his way toward the door when his office landline rang “Fuck sake” he mumbled as he walked over to it and picked it up, “Kinney” he barked into it.

He heard a brief silence before a husky voice responded “Sorry to call the office phone Brian but your cell is switched off”

The ad exec took a deep breath of relief when he recognised the voice “Sunshine, to what do I owe the pleasure of your voice down this stupid plastic piece of shit that has given me nothing but a massive headache all day”?

“Actually Brian, I called to ask you would you come straight home instead of going to Michaels to get changed for Woody’s, a parcel is here for you and I am “dieing” to know what it is”

Brian felt this was not like Justin “Why don’t you open it if it bothers you that much”

“Just get your ass home straight away please”

Taking a deep breath and letting defeat wash over him Brian agreed and said he would pick up some “Thai” for them and they could go to Woody’s together.

The blond smiled and hung up, feeling very excited about his lovers return

When Brian did return, it was to a loft filled with candles and a naked Justin lying across the back off the sofa with one leg draped across it and his hole all prepared for the always-horny man that he loved with all his heart.

“What the fuck is all this shit? you know I don’t celebrate romantic days or shit like this, but since your hot ass is waiting for me, I may decide to make an exception this year”

Justin opened his ass with his hands to give Brian a better view as he slipped out of his suit and said “I had a feeling that my offering you my already prepared ass would make you see things my way, and it appears im right”

“Twat” and for the next hour Brian and Justin fucked in every place that they could, the table, counters, across the sofa, on the sofa, up against the beams…all of them actually, the bed and in the shower.

As they returned from the shower to the bedroom with their robes on… the door buzzer went off and Brian went to see who it was “come on up” he said to whom ever it was.

Then he told Justin to answer it…and went back into the bathroom.

When Justin did answer, a man holding the biggest bouquet of red roses greeted him

“Hi, I have a delivery for a Justin Taylor”

The biggest smile that had ever graced Justin’s face in his whole life…graced it at that moment

“NO WAY” he practically screamed before taking the gift and signing for it

He put them on the counter and read the note attached “Tell anyone about these and I will rip your fucking balls off...Happy Valentines Day – Brian

When Brian returned from the bathroom and came up behind him, he leapt into his arms and rained kisses all round his face.

“I love you (kiss) I love you (kiss) I love you (kiss)

“Yea, well like the card says twat, tell anyone an…

“You’ll rip my balls off yea”

Brian pulled Justin in closer and kissed him hard and sensually “Even if I don’t say it, I just want you to know that…I love you, you’re the only person in my life that makes any sense to me and makes each day worth waiting for the next”.

Justin pulled Brian into a hug and replied “The same for me, Happy Valentines Day Brian”.

“You too Sunshine”.....a few moments later....“What about Babylon Brian”?

“Fuck it,I have all I want right here,im good for the night” ;)

The End
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