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Title: Going Out Kinney Style
Pairings or Characters: Brian/Justin
Genre: AU
Summary: It Brian’s wake
Rating: all ages
Beta: Unbeta’ed, all mistakes are mine
Author's Note: I know,I know you don’t like reading Brian death fics (I don’t either) but I couldn’t get this out of my head and had it wrote in 15 mins flat. Its quite funny I thought
Give it a shot, you might think so too :)
Disclaimer: Come on!! If I owned the show, would I have made the ending for shit and be using the hottest characters for my fics?…I think not.
So Yah, I don’t own and have no connections to the show. Its all owned by Cowlip and Showtime.
Feedback: I would love to read your thoughts on this

Brian Kinney was a very loved and successful man, his passing away was a great loss to everyone that knew him.

Those that were fortunate enough to know the brunet personally, knew his greatest idol was James Dean and also knew that Brian’s motto was “Die Young Live Forever” and his faverouite song was “Forever Young”.

What they didn’t know was that the ad exec also had a passion for another famous person, who he would've denied until his deathbed…was not true.


When the coffin arrived at Britin, Justin let the undertakers in and directed them to take Brian to the master sitting room where all their family and friends were, and waited until the coffin sat on the trestle and the lid had been lifted before he noticed that Brian’s lawyer was present.

Gesturing their guest to the blond’s studio and closing them both in, Justin waited for the man to begin.

“First of all Justin, my deepest condolences to you, Brian’s passing must have come as a shock”

“It was” replied the blond as he remembered that night “What can I do for you”? He asked as he took a seat and gestured for his friend to do the same.

“As you know, Brian left everything he owned to you and his son.
Kinnetic, Babylon, the loft…everything.

He also left a letter for you in with me, which I kept in a drawer at my office, hoping the day would never come that you would have to read it, but sadly it has, so here it is” he handed the blond the letter and watched as he opened it and read it.

Justin closed the letter and his big sunshine smile that Brian loved so much lit up his tear stained face.

“Thanks John, for everything, you have been a great friend to Brian and I all these years, come with me, you should see this too” said Justin as he got up and opened the door and made his way to the sitting room.

In the sitting room everyone was standing around the coffin with a look on their face as if to say, “what the fuck is going on here”?

Justin made his way through the crowd and up to the coffin with John on his heels.

Looking at his husband, he spoke “Marilyn Monroe, Jesus Brian” and burst out laughing, as did everyone in the room.

Brian had requested that when he died, he wanted to be buried in a blond wig with false eyelashes complete with red lips and beauty spot, and a white satin dress with a tag on his chest that read “Im a Marilyn
Monroe Tranny”.

What made everyone stop laughing was the sound of the song “Forever Young”…which seemed to be coming from right…inside…the coffin.
Justin smiled and said…that’s the Brian we all know and love, making himself and the others laugh yet again.


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Just the Kinney style. Love it, Metka



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