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Title: Nothing A Good Fuck Can’t Fix
Summary: Justin finds out the truth about Brian's late night visits to the hospital when he was bashed
Pairing(s): Brian and Justin
Warnings: None
Rating: NC17 (Just to be safe)
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Beta: [personal profile] britinmanor
A/N: A very special "Thank You" to Cat for taking the time to beta this story for me,at such short notice (I guess by now she has a sense of my inpatience lol)*loves her*
Feedback: It only takes a moment,so yes please,thanks x

It wasn’t supposed to happen, Justin was never to know about Brian
going to visit him after the bashing.

But one night when he was drunk and emotional, Brian let it slip to
Michael. Unfortunately, Michael let it slip during dinner at Debbie’s.
To say Justin was furious, was a huge understatement.

The adman felt anger take over him completely as he spoke to his
partner when they returned to the manor.

“I wanted so badly to go into that hospital room, and shake you until
you fucking woke up; do anything except fucking sit in that damn chair
night after night, feeling helpless.”

Brian put his hands through his hair as he sat down on the windowsill that
was at the entrance of the sitting room.

“I hid from everyone that was there. I must have looked like a fucking
weirdo or something to the people who worked there; hiding behind
closed doors until the coast was clear... just so I could look into your
window almost most of the day, and then all night. I was a fucking
wreck for weeks, just like you were, only I faced it alone. When
everyone stopped by to see you, I saw them all; I was there. So don’t
you dare call me a heartless bastard who puts himself first 24/7,
because you don’t know shit about what I have done for you, or anyone
for that matter, not one fucking thing. Fuck!"

Brian got up and walked over to the fireplace, where Justin was
standing, facing him at all times. The blond pulled Brian into a hug,
whispering softly into his ear, “I'm so sorry Brian, I had no idea. I
honestly believed, even after all this time, that you stayed away. Why
did you never tell me? Why did you let me believe that you never came
at all to see me, even after all the times we spoke about it?"

Brian gently wrapped his arms around his partners slim waist and
replied, “What? And, have everyone believe I know how to use that
beating organ in my chest?”

Both men laughed hysterically as they looked into each other’s eyes. Justin
gently pulled Brian in again, and could feel his heart thumping in his chest.
“Brian?” he asked, as he gently nibbled on his lovers ear.

“Yeah?” replied the other man, clearly enjoying what was happening.

“Make love to me?” he asked, as he kissed the man hard on the lips, in a
lingering kiss that led all the way from the sitting room up to the
master bedroom.

“First one to get out of their clothes, tops,” said the blond, as he was
almost undressed, while Brian was coming in, at a close second.

“You cheated, you little brat,” chuckled Brian, as he too, undressed very

After a very intense fuck, Justin lay in Brian’s arms and silence
filled the air.

“Brian, I am glad Michael doesn’t know how to keep a secret, and that
he let it slip tonight. Even if you never wanted me to know, I'm glad I
do now."

Brian kissed his partner lovingly on the lips, and replied “Yeah, me
too, Sunshine.”




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