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Author: [personal profile] yvonne_reid
Title: Escaping Reality
Summary: Gale wonders if life has anything else to offer him.He takes a ride, and comes across a place where he meets a very beautiful blond,who teaches him about who he really is.
Pairing(s): Gale/Randy
Warnings: RPS
Rating: NC17 (Just to be safe)
Beta: [personal profile] britinmanor
A/N: A very special "Thank You" to Cat for taking the time to beta this story for me. This is my first RPS and its fairly light reading,something for a quick snack/tea break I think. I hope you enjoy it.
A/N 2: Does anyone want a sequel??? hehehe
Feedback: Yes please,I would love to read your thoughts on this one x

Escaping Reality

Gale was feeling a lot of pressure and stress, due to the last few months of “Being a Celebrity”, and he felt like he couldn’t take anymore… he needed to get away. The only problem was… he couldn’t.

The coming weeks held a shit load of interviews, TV appearances, photo shoots, signings, same old-same old, as far as being “Gale Harold” was concerned, and he was beginning to feel… alone, uncared for, unworthy, depressed and very, very stressed.

He knew his first interview for his new movie “Type Cast”, was scheduled for 11 am the next morning.

Given how he was feeling… he didn’t give a fuck about being there, or about any of the people who were running around his apartment, making arrangements for limousines to pick him up, or arranging his clothes ect… he had to escape and that was exactly what he was going to do. Fuck them all, and fuck the plans for the weeks ahead.

Looking in the mirror at how he looked - and he felt Casper was probably less pale than him - he turned on his heel, grabbed his car keys and headed out the door of his apartment. He didn’t say anything to anyone about where he was going or when he would be back.

Twenty minutes later, he found himself on the highway, with nothing ahead of him but the open road. He began feeling a little bit normal again. He drove for what felt like hours when he came across a sign near an entrance that said: “Escape Life ~ The Gortin Glens”. A feeling washed over him, that he “must” go in there… so he did.

After parking in an empty car space, the actor noticed how serene the scenery looked around him. He got out, locked up the vehicle and decided to take a walk around, breathing in the clean air that his lungs probably so badly needed.

When Gale was walking along a narrow footpath - filled with beautiful flower bushes - he came upon a seat and decided to sit for awhile. He was enjoy the view of his surroundings when he looked up and was surprised to see a deer standing next to him.

Gale smiled and spoke softly to the animal, “Hi, Buddy”, and gently stroked its head. "You’re such a beautiful animal, aren’t you?" he asked, as the animal just stared at him... probably due to the gentleness that radiated from him.

“You’re so lucky, you know? You don’t have to worry about all the shit that I do, all the shit that life throws at us.” The deer slowly jumped up onto the bench beside him, sat down, as if saying, “Continue on my friend, I will listen to your problems."

Gale picked up on this and smiled, saying softly to the animal, “Thanks.” He continued stroking the animal’s head, but returned to looking out at the beautiful scenery in front of him.

“I guess it all started for me when I met my girlfriend, Maddy, whom is an actress. One night back stage, I made fun of her performance in the play. That’s when a guy called Herman Desmond came over to me asking if I was an actor. I told him no." Gale looked over at the animal, noticing it was still looking at him, so he continued, “Anyway, the next thing I know, he's got me going to auditions for play’s, TV commercials, TV show’s and then Movies. It all happened so fast. It was great for awhile. I was happy, yet something always felt like something wasn’t there. I've never figured out what it was. I still feel the same way... like something’s missing, you know?"

Gale wrinkled his forehead in thought wondering what he had been saying... (Oh Right!) "Then men and women are throwing themselves at me almost everywhere I go: asking for my autograph, and to have photo’s taken with me. It's madness. Not that I mind; it's just sometimes, I wish everyone would leave me the fuck alone, you know?” he asked, as he placed both his hands on his lap, just staring out at the distance in front of him. “Fuck, seven years ago, if I knew my life would be like this, I would have told that Herman guy, 'no thanks'. I would of taken Maddy home and fucked her without the thought of, 'I want to be famous' going through my head as I did so.

"It's lonely, you know? I don’t even know who my real friends are, anymore.” He looked down at the deer and stroked behind it’s ear, chuckling, “I guess right now, you’re my only friend.” Gale sniffed back the tears, which threatened to fall. Suddenly, the deer got up and ran into the bushes behind them.

“Come back here Misty!” a voice from his left-hand side called out, getting Gales attention. “I said come back! You know you can’t come down this far, it’s too dangerous for you,” the guy said, as he reached his dog, and put it's leash back on her.

Gale stood up, noticing the blond that was making his way up to him, his eye’s widening at the other mans beauty. He looked like a ray of sunshine and his smile was blinding.

“Hi, it’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?" the blond asked, holding out his hand for Gale to shake. “I'm Randy.”

The actor took the offered hand, shaking it gently. He looked straight into glassy blue beautiful eyes, and replied, “Gale, nice to meet you.”

Randy sat on the bench next to Gale and spoke first, after their introduction. “Isn’t it beautiful here? Misty, my dog, never usually comes down this far; it’s too dangerous for her, with the wild animals around here. But somehow she managed to escape the garden, and I had to come after her,” the blond said, as he found himself looking deeply into Gale's eyes.

The actor couldn’t seem to stop staring back into the blonds eyes either. When he realized what he was doing, he looked away before he spoke, ”So, I'm guessing you live around here? With all this beauty, I can’t imagine ever wanting to leave. I think if I lived here, I never would leave.” On those last words, Gale looked straight back into the eyes of the person who sat next to him.

The blond was very taken by the mans beauty, and had an inkling that the other man thought the same; his body language said he did anyway.

Clearing his throat, Randy smiled, “Yeah, I live just about fifteenth minutes from here. If you think the scenery looks nice in this area, you should see the outside by my back garden. The whole area surrounding it... well, it's quite breathtaking, to say the least."

Gale rolled his tongue around his mouth and smirked, “Is that an offer, Sunshine?” he asked.

Both men just smiled at each other for a few moments, before the blond replied, “Yeah, I guess it is," Randy said, blushing, which didn’t go unnoticed by Gale. "Besides, Misty seems to like you, and she's a very good judge of character.”

As both men got up, walking in the direction that the blond came from, Gale couldn't help but realize that all the feelings he had when he left his apartment earlier, had left him completely. It felt like there was perhaps - in some weird way he couldn’t explain - some kind of mystical power in this place. It just simply erased all of his troubles… or was it perhaps the presence of the blond next to him as they walked; he just couldn't explain it. But, what he did know, was that the blond man beside him was the most beautiful man he had ever saw, and in his profession… he had seen a lot of men before.

The walk to Randy’s house seemed to be over before it had even started. He couldn't believe all the beautiful flower bushes everywhere and the small ponds with tiny bridges that overlooked beautifully cut green grass; it was very easy to get side-tracked. It was like something he had only saw in photo’s of English Country Gardens. Its beauty had totally captivated Brian’s soul.

“That’s my house there,” said the blond, pointing in the direction of a cottage, where there was an incredibly beautiful lake just behind it. Randy continued, “That lake right there? I call “Swan Lake", because every morning when I get up, it's almost covered with swans.”

Gale looked at “Swan Lake” and smiled to himself. In fact, he had done nothing but smile to himself during the whole walk there, realizing a peacefulness settling inside himself. He had never felt more at ease as he had in the past thirty minutes than he had in the past seven years… or probably in his life.

Randy let them both into the house - which was a beautiful small cottage - decorated like a country farmhouse. Gale noticed that everything was built with different types of oak wood: the beams above their heads, the kitchen table, almost everything, as far as he could see. Gale felt really comfortable being there, almost like he belonged there.

Having made them both a cup of herbal tea, Randy took Gale into the sitting room, where they spoke about a lot of different things. The actor learned that the cottage was left to the blond by his granny and that she had been the one to decorate it all before she passed away. He was also told that the cottage was named “Swan Lake View”, which Randy had named when he was fourteen.

Gale shared with his new friend, all about his life. And, how he never knew that this place even existed, until he saw the sign... how the part that had actually caught his attention, was the “Escape Life”. He also told Randy how he felt, that even though he seemed to have everything in his life that he could possibly ask for, something still felt like it was missing.

“So how long have you been engaged?” Randy boldly asked.

Gale looked at Randy, after placing his empty cup down on the coffee table. “Just a year. She’s a great person, everything I could possibly want. So, why do I still feel so fucking miserable?” he asked, sighing deeply, as he sat back on the sofa.

Randy sat a little closer to him, until their knees were touching. “Gale, I hope you don’t mind me asking you this, but have you ever been… you know, intimate with a man before?”

The actor wasn’t shocked by this question, because in actuality, it was something he had thought about, a lot. He just never did anything about it. “No, I never have been. But I do wonder what it would be like. Sometimes, when I’d kissed some of my girlfriends in the past, I would think they were the guy at the super market, or the launderette, or somewhere else. Why, what does that mean?” Gale asked.

The blond lifted Gale's chin, with his first two fingers, until they were both looking straight into each other’s eyes, lips inches apart. “Let's find out.”

Randy pulled Gale in closer; hand wrapped around his head at the back, and fingers still on his chin… and kissed him gently on the lips. Both men had their eyes open during the short kiss.

Before Gale could stop himself, he pulled Randy in for another kiss, which was deep and wet. Wanting to taste every inch of Randy’s mouth, the actor fought with the competing tongue, which obviously wanted the same fight.

Gale caressed every curve on the roof of the blonds mouth very slowly, tasting the very prominent mint, from the tea he drank earlier. The actor sucked gently on Randy’s tongue, and in that moment his cock began to swell in his pants. He pulled back and opened his eyes.

“Wow, I can’t believe how hard I am, just from that kiss, it must have lasted less than a minute yet I am as hard as a rock,” Gale said, as he looked down at his bulge.

Randy also looked down at the bulge, then he looked into the other mans eyes. “I think you might have learned something about yourself today,” he said, as he moved his hand slowly down the actors chest, until it reached the bulge. He gently squeezed it, eliciting a shaky moan from Gale. Randy slowly slid the zipper down, and slipped his hand inside the other mans jeans, and pulled his cock out.

Gale felt a little frightened, but at the same time, he had never felt more turned on in his life.

“You're so fucking beautiful Gale, do you know that?” Randy asked, while gently stroking the mans cock. “Do you have any idea how much I want to suck every last drop of cum from you?” Getting down on his knees, in front of Gale, Randy positioned himself.

His mouth had watered at the sight of Gale's cock, which he thought was the most beautiful cock he had ever seen. He slowly swirled his tongue around the head for a few minutes before licking the length of it. This drove Gale crazy, and he ran his hands - through what felt like - the silkiest blond hair he had ever touched.

Randy began sucking and bobbing his head up and down the shaft as he did so. The actor had never felt anything so good in all his life, his moans were loud and it wasn’t long before his cum splashed against the back of the blonds throat.

“Aaaaahhhhh, fuck.” Gale was panting as he sat back fully on the sofa. “That was fucking amazing, Randy, really amazing,” he said, as he wiped off some of the sweat that had formed on his face with the back of his hand. “Look, it got me all sweaty, and you did all the work,” he chuckled.

Randy crawled slowly up Gale's body, like a panther stalking its prey. He kissed him on his lips gently, pushing his tongue inside, letting the other man taste himself. When he pulled back, he looked into really large hazel orbs, much larger than when he first looked deeply into them.

“I don’t need to ask if you enjoyed yourself, you’re moans said it all, loud and clear. But, what I would really like to know, is… can I see you again, after today I mean?”

Gale stood up, and after pulling up his pants and buckling up his belt, he looked down at Randy and said, "Yeah, I would really like that.”

The blond got up from his knees, and pulled Gale in close, for another kiss. The actor stroke Randy’s face gently, which felt really soft, and pulled back from the kiss, saying, “You’re the most beautiful man I ever saw. When I saw you first coming toward me, I thought you looked like a ray of sunshine, and when you smiled at me, I was almost blinded by it. I had no idea I was physically attracted to you, or even that any of this was going to happen. I really would like more to happen, but I have to leave now as I have a big day a head of me. In fact, the next few weeks, probably months, are going to be crazy for me. But if you don’t mind, I would love more than anything else to come back here and see you... possibly even be with you?"

Randy gently kissed Gale's lips and whispered into them, “I would love that, a lot.”

Making their way to the front door, they both exchanged numbers and kissed again. Gale wished he could stay longer, but sadly that wasn’t going to happen… not today anyway.

On the drive back to his apartment, Gale reflected over the events of the day. He had left his apartment in such a shitty mood, and wanted to go somewhere that would simply erase that feeling, even though he didn’t have any high hopes for that happening.

Never in a million years did it occur to him that he would come across such a beautiful serene place. A place he never realized even existed, a place he did not want to leave. But, the most unexpected, was meeting the most beautiful man he had ever saw, that not only took him home, but kissed him, and sucked him off, helping him realize something about himself that he never knew… he was attracted to men. Well, at least the blond guy named Randy, which Gale knew would be a very special fixture, in his very busy life, from now on.

Yep, suddenly the roads ahead seem a lot brighter.

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